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Looking 4 momma?

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Lemme spam fellas.

Rulez at 23 Feb 2012.

Omg, fellaz, Imma feeling so stoned now, like madafaka, rly, but it's natural after green wednesday, me guess u know yall what i mean, haha. :D so, i saw that we've got now 16 members in, i am not sure about Masmix, can sum1 tell me? :O anyways, it happens again, like 1.5 year ago we had almost same amount of active players but nvm, it was old, good timez from old, good 1.4.2 R.I.P. Always in our hearts, like Avarax matches, always at least 1 Lagger on server it was k. I miss those times like old crew i guess, hmm, Ade (YES YES! Ade from 4Fagz should know what i mean, hurr durr :D) but like all we know we can't back there, we just can make this times as good as those times were. Gonna go sleep, but firstly need to download some weed songs, haha. Too late for me, k, now me gonna go sleep. Peaceeeeeee.

Rulez at 21 Feb 2012.

Fuck, I was writing pretty long text and fucking script ate all. Or maybe it is just my empty head. So short and clearly: we have moved to 1.6.2 long time ago, but I didn't write anything about that happening till now, as u see. We are clan which is growing in strength and respect. Our actual leading staff is Ave as leader and Rulez as vice leader. If u want say something about us, wanna join or any else thing about LT, register at our forum and feel free to spam. It won't be difficult me guess. Cyas.


Little Info

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Kinda blog here. :3 :3